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  •   (359)
  • Action-Arcade
  • 1986
  • US title: Arkanoid
  • Japanese title (kanji): アルカノイド
  • Alternate titles: Diamond Scoring
  • Publisher/Maker: Taito
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The player controls a small pad, known as the "vaus" space vessel, which prevents a ball from falling from the playing field, attempting to bounce it against a number of bricks. The ball striking a brick causes the brick to disappear. When all the bricks are gone, the player goes to the next level, where another pattern of bricks appear. There are a number of variations (bricks that have to be hit multiple times, flying enemy ships, etc.) and power-up capsules to enhance the vaus (expand your vaus, multiply the number of balls, equip a laser cannon, break directly to the next level), but the main gameplay remains the same. At round 33, the final stage, the player will take on the game's boss, "Doh". Once a player reaches round 33, he must defeat Doh with his remaining number of vauses in reserve; if not: game over. In other words, there are no continues on the final round.

Странная смесь пинбола и понга, перешедшая со временем в отдельный одноимённый игровой жанр. Отбиваем ракеткой шарик, которым необходимо выбить все цветные кирпичики в вертикальном стакане. Из кирпичей выпадают призы, а по стакану периодически начинают летать разные объекты, мешающие нам. Шарик так и норовит упасять мимо ракетки.
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