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Battle Chess

  •  (359)
  • Chess
  • 1990
  • US title: Battle Chess
  • Publisher/Maker: Data East
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Battle Chess
Battle Chess is a computer game version of chess released for the 3DO, PC, Apple IIGS, Commodore 64, Amiga, Amiga CDTV, CD32, Atari ST, Apple Macintosh, Acorn Archimedes and Nintendo Entertainment System in which the chess pieces came to life and battled one another when capturing. There were 35 animations, including movement, prelude to battle, and the combinations of battle itself (though there was no animation for the King-takes-King battle). The rook, for example, would turn into a rock monster and kill a pawn by crushing him. Introducing this new twist to a classic game, Battle Chess reached out to a new audience.

Боевые шахматы. Никаких наворотов - после старта, сразу приступаем к игре. Только вот когда фигуры едят друг друга, происходят довольно симпатичные забавные сценки. Например, прежде чем ткнуть белую пешку копьем, черная пешка отдавливает ей ногу.

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