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Battle City

  •  (359)
  • Action-Shooter
  • 1985
  • US title: Battle City
  • Alternate titles: Tank 1990/1994 Missile Tank Future Tank
  • Publisher/Maker: Namco
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Battle City
Destroy different enemy tanks, while trying to keep them away from your base. When you have destroyed 20 enemy tanks you advance to the next level with different layout. In each level there's some obstacles which you can use to your advantage. Obstacles include red bricks which you can shoot out of your way, silver bricks which are highly armored, water and ice. You start the game with a basic tank, which you can power up to better one little by little. The game includes a construction mode, so you can make your own levels when you have played through all the 35 original levels.

Одна из первых игра на приставке. Как и большая часть ранних игр, является очень простой, но захватывающей. В этой игре необходимо охранять изваяние орла от врагов. Как вы, так и ваши враги разъезжают на разного рода танках. Описать веселуху нельзя, в это надо только играть.

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