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  •   (359)
  • Naval
  • 1993
  • US title: Battleship
  • Publisher/Maker: Mindscape / MIlton Bradley
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The classic board game comes to life on NES. Everyone knows the rules of the game: place your ships on a grid while your opponent does the same; one by one, take shots at an area of the grid. If you sink all of your opponent's ships, you win! With 48 single-player missions and link cable support for two players, you'll be sinking battleships for a long time to come!

Почти классический морской бой. Поле не совсем квадратное, оружие разнообразное, вплоть до радаров и кластерных зарядов. Все остальное - прежнее, не меняющееся еще со времен бумажной версии игры.
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