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Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum

  •  (359)
  • Platformer
  • 1990
  • US title: Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
  • Publisher/Maker: Data East / Beam Software
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Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
You are Dash Galaxy, a fearless space explorer. You have just landed on a strange, alien planet thousands of light years from Earth. Your mission is to make your way though the maze of rooms and return safely to your ship. To do this you will need to enter every room and collect all of the objects that can be found in it. Your oxygen supply is limited, though, so be sure to hurry! Throughout this world there are many aliens which will deplete your oxygen even faster if you come into contact with them. Occasionally you will find bombs or keys which can be used to reach previously inaccessable rooms on a floor. The game is played from two points of view; top down when in an elevator shaft, or side scrolling when in one of the many rooms. Some levels contain hidden rooms with many bonuses, or even an express elevator to get you to your destination faster (or it might take you back down a few levels.)

Смесь головоломки и бродилки. В режиме головоломки вид сверху на некое ограниченное пространство. Тут лежат ящики, которые нужно передвигать. Двигать надо быстро, потому как кончается кислород. Можно перемещаться и в другие залы, где игра переключается на вид сбоку и представляет из себя простую бродилку.

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