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Double Dare

  •  (359)
  • Game Show
  • 1990
  • US title: Double Dare
  • Publisher/Maker: GameTek / Rare
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Double Dare
The video game version of Double Dare played exactly like its television counterpart. Rounds one and two were 10-question trivia rounds, each of which started with a toss-up challenge. Round three - the obstacle course - featured eight stages to be completed within 60 seconds. Toss-up challenges determined which team got initial control of the trivia round. To complete a toss-up, each player had to determine the precise speed and angle of whatever object they were throwing to hit a target. Physical challenges were played the same way. All questions were multiple choice, and each player could use the up or down arrows on the controller to make his selection. Three possible answers and either a dare, double dare, or physical challenge option were offered. The player confirmed his selection by pressing the A button. Confirming a dare doubled the base dollar value of the question; a double dare quadrupled the base dollar value.

Симулятор телевикторины, где играют две команды по два человека в каждой. Придется не только отвечать на вопросы викторины, но и выполнять разные задания. Например, играть в гольф.

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