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Gotcha! - The Sport!

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Gotcha! - The Sport!
Gotcha!: The Sport is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System Released in 1987 that uses the Nintendo Light Gun. It is based on the 1985 movie, Gotcha! . Gotcha! is a capture the flag style game played with paintball guns. The player's mission is to get through the level, capture the enemy flag by shooting it, and return it to your base. This is while simultaneously trying not to get shot by the other team, run out of ammo, or run out of time. A light gun is necessary for this game, but one needs to also use the controller. The directional pad will move the screen left and right. Ammo boxes can be found sitting on the ground or carried by enemies in the background. Interestingly, it seems that only misses cost you ammo, so if one's aim is precise, they will receive a significant bonus for leftover ammunition.

Игра для светового пистолета. Симулятор пейнтбольного поединка. Экран движется вправо и влево, от первого лица показывая окружающую обстановку. Из-за деревьев выскакивают ваши противники, которых необходимо подстрелить краской. Они дают вам на это время, а потом стреляют сами - но один только раз.
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