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Hogan's Alley

  •   (359)
  • LightGun & Virtual Shooting
  • 1984
  • US title: Hogan's Alley
  • Alternate titles: Debar Bomb Forest Guard Shooter
  • Publisher/Maker: Nintendo
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Hogan's Alley
Despite being rather short on story and depth, this game was nevertheless fairly popular. The game flashes three "cardboard cut-outs" of a mixture of bad guys and innocent civilians. The player needs to react quickly and shoot the thugs while sparing the bystanders and other friendlies (such as police officers). The game gets more difficult and faster as it progresses. The player never escalates to shooting "real" thugs and gangsters, but the scenery changes from a blank wall to a city scene with the cardboard cutouts.

Игра для светового пистолета. Имитирует стрельбу в тире по внезапно появляющимся целям. Среди целей как бандиты, к которых и нужно стрелять, так и мирные граждане или полиция, попадание в которых ведет к потере очков.
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