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Hot Slot

  •   (359)
  • Unlicensed, Pirate & Asia
  • 1991
  • US title: Hot Slot
  • Alternate titles: AV Pachi-Slot AV Pachi Slot
  • Publisher/Maker: Panesian / Hacker International
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Hot Slot
Hot slots is just like regular slots, except that it's sleazy. Along with Bubble Bath Babes, and Peek-A-Boo Poker, this is one of three "adult" titles for the NES released by Panesian in 1991 and features sprites of frontal female nudity. Panesian games are among the hardest NES games to find. Due to their adult nature, along with the fact that they were not lincensed by Nintendo, sales and distrubition were very low. All three titles are among the holy grails of NES game paks.

Электронная версия игрового аппарата "однорукий бандит". Игра, естественно, на деньги (жаль, что виртуальные). Вполне симпатичная слотовая машина от нелицензионных производителей игр для Famicom.
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