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Image Fight

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Image Fight
On a fateful day in 20XX, the Earth's moon exploded into four large fragments and a multitude of meteors. Aliens from afar had succeeded in destroying the West's moon base. One after another, mankind's other minitary industrial space complexes were being lost. What mankind dreaded had come to pass. Scores of unidentified fighters were in the area. In addition. the moon's main computer, still intact after the explosion, had a stranged vegetation coiled around it. Their trademark evil exploits being a dead giveaway, invaders from the Boondoggle Galaxy had arrived to take over the Earth. To counter these evil forces, leading scientists from all over the globe created the "OF-1" Fightership. Combat pilots depart the Earth to fend off the invaders and earn everlasting glory.

Леталка-стрелялка промежуточного вида между старыми и практически неинтересными и современными невероятно навороченными играми. Вид сверху, вертикальное перемещение, но очень медленное. Музыка так и осталась в наследство от старых игрушек этого жанра, тоже самое можно сказать и о количестве монстров. Зато различные оружейные насадки - выше всяких похвал, да и боссы уровней довольно-таки серьезные.

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