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Mechanized Attack

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Mechanized Attack
Mechanized Attack is an adaptation of an arcade shooting game where the player uses a machine gun to stage an assault on a tropical island that's home to a cyborg army. In this NES port, the player can use either a gamepad or the NES Light Zapper to carry out the mission. Battle through numerous stages beginning with an approach to the island. This first stage is held over the water and features at attack on a number of small gunboats, a helicopter, and an entire battleship. As the player progresses through the stages of the island, the human (and even canine) enemies are revealed to be robots when the flesh is destroyed. At various junctures of the game, the player is allowed to choose which game path to pursue. While the arcade version of Mechanized Attack had a miniature machine gun replica for the player to use, this NES adaptation attempts to reproduce the feel by allowing the player to hold down a game pad button or the Light Zapper trigger for automatic fire. Extra ammo is plentiful so be sure to fire at those power-up boxes to grab as much as you can. There are also more powerful grenades which are in much shorter supply than the bullets.

Виртуальный тир для светового пистолета или джойстика. Экран перемещается вправо или влево, а на нем появляются различные солдаты и техника, которая постоянно по вам стреляет. Одна особенность - нелинейный сюжет. После прохождения очередного этапа можно выбирать один из нескольких следующих уровней. Игра бывает короче или длиннее, в зависимости от выбранного пути.
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