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Mystery Quest

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Mystery Quest
In Mystery Quest you play as Hao, an apprentice wizard who finally has a chance to prove himself. The Great Wizard has challenged you to seek out his four hidden talismans which he has placed in four different castles. Your character has only one type of magic attack that can be upgraded once in the game, you have the ability to shoot left and right as well as jumping shots and angled upward shots. There are also a limited variety of items that help you progress in your quest. The game takes place in three types of areas, outside, inside the castles and underground.

Простенькая мариоподобная бродилка с видом сбоку. Герой - паренек в красной остроконечной шапочке и в остроконечных туфлях, с носками загнутыми кверху. Он постреливает мыльными пузырями в немногочисленных врагов и собирает редкие бонусы. Умирает человечек, когда полоска Vitality доходит до нулевой отметки.

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