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Romance of The Three Kingdoms II

  •  (359)
  • Turn-Based
  • US title: Romance of The Three Kingdoms II
  • Japanese title: Sangokushi II
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Romance of The Three Kingdoms II
Upon starting the game, players choose from one of six scenarios that determine the initial layout of power in ancient China. The scenarios loosely depict allegiances and warlord holdings in the novel. After choosing the scenario, players determine which warlord(s) they will control. Custom characters may be inserted into territories unoccupied by other forces, as well. A total of 41 different provinces exist, as well as over 200 unique characters. Each character has three statistics, which range from 1 to 100 (higher is better). A warlord's Intelligence, War Ability and Charm influence how successful he or she will be when performing certain tasks, such as dueling or increasing land value in a province. The goal of the game is to conquer China. This is accomplished by holding every province on the map.

Вторая часть стратегической игры от KOEI. Смысл - завоевание множества разрозненных территорий - остался прежним. Только увеличилось количество народу, в этом участвующее. Упростился процесс настройки персонажа и игры, зато графика стала чуть приятнее.

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