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Swamp Thing

  •  (359)
  • Platformer
  • 1992
  • US title: Swamp Thing
  • Publisher/Maker: THQ / Imagineering
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Swamp Thing
Save the poisoned planet! The menace of Dr. Arcane knows no boundaries he has recessed his deadly mutation serous in to the atmosphere, where it will form all living things hen to veils un-Man! Only Swamp Thing has the power forestage the environment, Travel to the frozen wastes of the Artic, the scorched plans of the distort and the poisoned rain for oats in your quest to okay arcana's tuck from the Wrath. But beware-the evil Doctor has scores at the men and mutated bests warding to destroy you, the last hope for a healthy world!

Болотное Нечто (выглядит как мужик ночевавший в мусоропроводе) бегает по болоту и даёт в морду каждому, кто встретится, а встречаются в основном насекомые переростки. Графика неплохая, звук тоже.

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