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Top Players' Tennis - Featuring Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl

  •   (359)
  • Tennis
  • 1989
  • US title: Top Players' Tennis - Featuring Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl
  • European title: Four Players Tennis
  • Japanese title: World Super Tennis
  • Alternate titles: Evert & Lendl Top Player s Tennis
  • Publisher/Maker: Asmik
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Top Players' Tennis - Featuring Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl
The Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open - the biggest names in tennis compete in these tournaments every year trying to win the coveted Grand Slam. So, why not you? Asmik's Top Players' Tennis let's you compete for the Grand Slam right along with the pros. Choose from many different modes - Singles (against the computer or another player), Doubles, and even One Player vs. Two Players on the other side of the net. In the Singles mode you head out on tour with the choice of using Chris Evert or Evan Lendl, or developing your own tournament player. If you decide to go it alone, you'll allocate points among different skills - speed, stamina, strength, agility, concentration, technique, and miracle shot ability. compete in the Asmik Open and try to win enough qualifying rounds to rank high enough to play in the Grand Slam Tournaments. As you win matches your player earns points and becomes stronger in the different skill levels. A password mode enables you to continue with the same player if you decide to. If you have a few friends ready to play there's a game here for you. Play Singles against on another, or play Doubles on your own, or with up to three people using the Nintendo Satellite. In Doubles play you'll head straight to the Grand Slam tournaments. 

Замечательный симулятор тенниса. Главное в игре не то, как нарисован корт и выполнена анимация - все сделано на высшему ровне. Главное, что вариантов игры очень много: от один на один с компьютером, до пара на пару между 4 игроками, использующими адаптер на 4 джойстика.
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