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Touch Down Fever

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Touch Down Fever
Touchdown Fever is an arcade football game from SNK. Go head-to-head against the computer or a human opponent, or team up with another human player vs. the computer. Choose five, ten, or fifteen minute quarters for either league match (single game) or tournament play. There are 12 teams from NFL cities to play with (six East, six West), although there is no NFL license and no real NFL players. Offensive plays can be run from five basic formations: long pass, short pass, quarterback sneak, running backs, and field goal kick/punt. There are no formations or plays on defense, but there are two possible players (A or B button) to take control of before the snap. The player perspective is top-down and vertical-scrolling. Standard football scoring rules: most points after four quarters wins! 

Очень симпатичный американский футбол. Не очень серьезное изображение игроков только добавляет интереса игре. Сдабривается все веселой музыкой. Вид на поле со стороны ворот - направлен вдоль ноля.

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