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WCW World Championship Wrestling

  •   (359)
  • Wrestling
  • 1990
  • US title: WCW World Championship Wrestling
  • Japanese title: Superstar Pro Wrestling
  • Publisher/Maker: FCI / Pony Canyon / Nihon Bussan
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WCW World Championship Wrestling
Choose from twelve of WCW's hottest wrestlers, including Sting, Ric Flair, and Ricky Steamboat.  Choose a tag team partner and compete in a round-robin tournament, or go solo and climb the ranks to challenge the mysterious WCW Master for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The Japanese version of the game, Superstar Pro Wrestling, features a cast of wrestlers considered to be legends in Japan, including Big Van Vader, Antonio Inoki, Stan Hansen, and Giant Baba.  The boss character (WCW Master in the US release) is Andre the Giant.  Interestingly, the Road Warriors appear in both versions.

Неплохой симулятор реслинга - полу цирковой борьба. В данной версии борцы нарисованы довольно крупно, имеют некоторое количество приемов, которые перед началом матча вам придется выбирать и большего количества. Музыка не мешает, но и не радует.
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