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Winter Games

  •  (359)
  • Olympiad
  • 1987
  • US title: Winter Games
  • Publisher/Maker: Acclaim / Epyx / Action Graphics
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Winter Games
A snow-and-ice themed follow-up to the highly successful Summer Games, Winter Games was released in 1987. The game was presented as a virtual multi-sport carnival called the "Epyx Winter Games" (there was no official IOC licensing in place) with up to 8 players each choosing a country to represent, and then taking turns competing in various events to try for a medal.

Зимние виды спорта. Акробатически прыжки на лыжах, бобслей и прочее. Есть аналогичная игра, но с летними олимпийскими играми, от той же фирмы. Называется она World Games.

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