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Contra - Hard Corps

  •  (359)
  • Action
  • 1994
  • US title: Contra - Hard Corps
  • European title: Probotector
  • Japanese title: Contra - The Hard Core
  • Japanese title (kanji): 魂斗羅ザ・ハードコア
  • Alternate titles: Contra Hardcorps
  • Publisher/Maker: Konami
Excelent action-adventure game. One of the best games from the Contra saga. This game was not made by the same people that created iterations of the Contra series prior to 1992, when some Konami employees left the company to create the Treasure company; despite this, the game not only maintained the quality that was always famous in the saga but added features that made the playability and replayability much more richer. 4 different characters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, including different special weapons (such as 5-direction shot and the homing missiles); Multiple paths, 1 hidden stage; 5 normal endings and 1 secret ending; Great music (a mixture of techno beats with heavy rock-'n'-roll). (Konami always used to take a good care on its soundtracks)

Очередная часть отличной стрелялки от Konami. На выбор дают одного из четырёх бойцов: мужика (Ray), девушку (Sheena), робота (Brouny) или Волка-киборга (Fang). Большой набор оружия, великолепная графика и музыка, ураганные спец эффекты, огромные боссы на весь экран. В игре 5 различных концовок.
Contra - Hard Corps

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