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Haunting Starring Polterguy

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  • Action
  • US title: Haunting Starring Polterguy
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Haunting Starring Polterguy
In the single player game the player controls a rebellious dead teenager (Polterguy) in a house filled with a yuppie family named the Sardini's, through an Isometric perspective. Your job is to scare each family member out of the house by possessing various objects in the house so that you can come back to life and rob them easier. However, the player has to act quickly as your "ecto" energy bar is slowly depleting and when it is gone you are sent down to the underworld. HOUSES: There are a total of four houses which the player must drive the Sardini family from. Over the four houses the character will encounter approximately 400 objects which he can possess and interact with. When the character is in a house his ecto slowly decreases and can be further decreased by the barks of the family's dog, as well as by the ecto beasts. UNDERWORLD: The underworld is the only way in the game to receive a game-over sequence as it is the only place your character may sustain damage. Your health in these stages is represented by a character portrait. Each time the character sustains damage the portrait will shrink until only the characters eyes remain. In the underworld you must collect all the drops of ecto for the stage as well as find the exit. When you pick up a drop of ecto another will drop from the roof and slowly shrink after a short period of time. There is an on-screen arrow that points to the next ecto drop or the exit, if the ecto or exit cannot be seen on-screen. The dungeon is also the place were the character may find special spells; these drop from the room similar to ecto but disappear much faster.

Игра особого жанра. Сюжет заключается в том, что злые родственнички сжили парня со свету и он виде призрака вернулся, чтобы напугать их до белых тапочек. Вселяемся в предметы, пугаем родичей, собираем эктоплазму, чтоб не помереть второй раз, теперь уж навсегда.

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