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Lion King II, The

  •  (359)
  • Action
  • US title: Lion King II, The
  • Alternate titles: Lion King 2
It's PIRATE sequel to OFFICIAL Lion King video game. This is one is considered a lot more fun and easier. It is not as complicated as OFFICIAL one but levels 3-4-5 can give HEADACHE ESPECIALLY 4, because its maze. But 5 is not confusing but VERY HARD! The story takes place in China. As you walk trough game you can see Chinese villages, mountains, CHINESE WALL, CLAY ARMY, CHINESE CASTLES,SCALES AND DESERTS! First level is VERY FUN because it basically got 2 stages in it. First one is grassland and other is river. SECOND level is Mountains (probably HIMALAYAS), third stage got lay army in background, next level is inside something but theres huge door maze. Finally LAST STAGE is in DESERT MOUNTAINS! GRAPHICS ARE VERY IMPROVED FROM THOSE IS ORIGINAL. THIS GAME ROCKS.

Платформенная игра, выпущенная пиратами на волне интереса к одноимённому мультфильму и вышедшей ранее игре The Lion King. Графика, звук и игровой процесс весьма неплохи, для пиратских игр.
Lion King II, The

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