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Mega Turrican

Story: After many generations of peace, the Dark Forces have assembled again, and as Bren McGuire, a member of the USS Freedom Forces, it is your job to defeat them once again. In the future, mankind will have to deal with many powerful alien species - not all of whom will choose to be friendly. That is the reason behind the Turrican suit - a one-man set of power armor that turns any Earth Force soldier into a nearly unstoppable killing machine. Gameplay: The player has to complete numerous large levels always searching for secrets to pick up and enemies to shoot. To do this, you can pick up three different, upgradeable shots: a "Multiple" spread gun, a more powerful, single-direction "Laser" and a "Rebound", which fires shots directly up and down that travel along floors and ceilings, while the main forward-firing shot is weaker. You can also go into wheel-mode by pressing jump whilst holding down on the D-Pad (as long as you have enough special energy) and use a rope. In wheel-mode, you are nearly invincible and can lay mines or explore previously unreachable areas, a mechanic similar to "Morph Ball" from the Metroid series and the "Spin Dash" from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Неплохая стрелялка с хорошей графикой и приятным звуком. Сюжет прост: жили-были люди во вселенной, и жили они мирно ровно до тех пор, пока силы тьмы не начали завоёвывать миры и порабощать, или уничтожать их обитателей. Остановить всё это может только наш герой, которому вручена почётная обязанность спасти вселенную, путём отстрела всего, что попадётся игроку на экран. Пострелять тут можно из нескольких видов оружия, персонаж может сворачиваться в шар, а так же использовать нечто вроде универсальной лебёдки.
Mega Turrican

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