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  •  (359)
  • Turn-Based
  • 1992
  • US title: Gemfire
  • Japanese title: Super Royal Blood
  • Japanese title (kanji): SUPER ロイヤルブラッド
  • Publisher/Maker: KOEI
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Strategy game based on fantasy history.

The game is far more simple than nobunaga ambition or other KOEI games. The commands are icons and easy to learn. There are infantry, calvary and archer units plus mercenaries, wizards or the mighty dragon.

Gain fame winning battles, plunder resources and use you wizards wisely (they get tired and have to wait several turns before they can be used again), buy food at low prices and sell it at higher ones for profit so you can contract more and better mercenaries.

When two units fight each other, there is an excelent animated sequence.

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