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Liberty or Death

  •  (359)
  • Turn-Based
  • 1994
  • US title: Liberty or Death
  • Japanese title (kanji): 独立戦争 Liberty or Death
  • Publisher/Maker: KOEI
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Liberty or Death
Play as the English or the Americans in the independece war. Like the others KOEI titles there are two maps: a strategic map (USA) and the tactic map (battle field). The main goal of the game is to win decisive battles and people support (the other KOEI titles you have to conquer everything).

The english have their naval superiority and the hessen mercenaries. The americans have more support and the aid of the dutch, the french and the spanish.

Ambush your enemies with you cavalry and guerrillas. Build bridge and punish them with your artillery units. Sorround you enemy with your troops so you can attack all their flanks. Bring on ships (naval support) to crush the coastlines.

Use your budget wisely, raise your navy and make sure your troops have everything they need (without powder they are useless).

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