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All-Pro Basketball

  •  (359)
  • Basketball
  • 1989
  • US title: All-Pro Basketball
  • Japanese title: Zenbei!! Pro Basket
  • Japanese title (kanji): 全米プロバスケット
  • Publisher/Maker: Vic Tokai
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All-Pro Basketball
Video round ball seems to come in a variety of court sizes and player numbers. All-Pro Basketball combines five-on-five full-court action with a half-court screen view. All-Pro style B-ball features several different play options. Go head-to-head with a friend in a one-game contest. Or, watch two computer teams battle it out on court. If you choose league competition your task is to lead your team to the league championship. In Two Player league play you and a buddy team up to battle the computer teams. Choose your squad from eight professional rosters - ranging from the New York Slicks to the San Francisco Bayriders. Each team has their own strengths and weaknesses. When the scene is set, the game begins with a jump ball and then it's non-stop no-holds-barred B-ball. On offense you're the team - running, jumping, jump passing, shooting, and even going for three pointers or slam dunks. On defense make a steal or grab a rebound. And remember this is real video basketball. You get called for fouls and your teammates get tired. When their health and stamina get low it's up to you to put them on the bench for a rest.

Неплохой симулятор баскетбола. Приличная музыка, симпатичная графика и интересный игровой процесс. Вид баскетбольного поля дан из-за одной из сеток, по направлению к другой. Никакой перспективы.

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