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Ultimate Basketball

  •  (359)
  • Basketball
  • 1991
  • US title: Ultimate Basketball
  • Japanese title: Taito Basketball
  • Alternate titles: NBA Live 96/98/99
  • Publisher/Maker: Sammy / Taito / Disco
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Ultimate Basketball
The game plays like a conventional sports video game. The player choses from a list of eight available Teams, and controls five players on the team on the court, though only one player may be directly controlled at a time. There is a championship mode and a single game mode in the game. The game is unlike later sports based video games in that doesn't use real professional or college basketball players. The players a player may select for his team are entirely fictional, as are their statistics.

Качественный баскетбольный симулятор. Отлично нарисованные игроки, а еще интереснее нарисованы анимационные вставки забивания мяча в корзину. Отличная игра.

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