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Gargoyle's Quest II - The Demon Darkness

  •  (359)
  • Adventure-Action
  • 1992
  • US title: Gargoyle's Quest II - The Demon Darkness
  • Japanese title: Red Arremar II
  • Publisher/Maker: Capcom
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Gargoyle's Quest II - The Demon Darkness
The Ghoul realm is under attack by a mysterious force and aspiring warrior Firebrand sets out to save it. As in its predecessor, gameplay in Gargoyle's Quest II is divided into an adventure and an action part. During the adventure parts, Firebrand explores a world map and several villages from a top-down perspective, talking to his fellow ghouls and zombies to advance the story or receive important items. Action parts are seen from a side-scrolling perspective. In these parts of the game, Firebrand has the ability to jump, cling to walls, fly for a limited amount of time and shoot fireballs at his enemies. As the game progresses, Firebrand becomes more and more powerful, receiving items that improve his agility, armor or attack power. In case you're wondering, the original Gargoyle's Quest was a Game Boy release.

Смесь бродилки и приключенческой игры. Начинается все как обычная ролевка: вид сверху, домики, куда можно заходить, народ, с кем можно поболтать и прочее. Но боевые уровни уже в другом режиме - вид сбоку и никаких разговоров. В боевом режиме Горгулья может цеплять за стены и летать на короткие дистанции, пока не иссякнет энергия. Она восстанавливается вновь сразу после приземления. На уровне нужно собирать кувшинчики, лежащие в самых труднодоступных местах.

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