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Power Punch 2

  •  (359)
  • Boxing
  • US title: Power Punch 2
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Power Punch 2
You're Mark Tyler, and by the year 2006, you've successfully defended your Heavyweight title nine times. In order to determine the best boxer in the universe, the Intergalactic Boxing Federation has invited you to participate in a tournament where you'll face 12 of the greatest fighters in the galaxy. You'll face everything from cyborgs to mutants as you step into the ring for the most important fights of your boxing career. Head to the IGBF Training Ship to get in some quality workouts, because you've never faced opponents like these before. It's believed that one of your metallic opponents has a left hook that could flatten an entire building! Take advantage of all your boxing knowledge and experience in the ring, and you might just emerge as the Heavyweight Champion of the Universe!

Необычный симулятор бокса. Мало того, что играть придется Майком Тайсоном, так еще и против всяческих инопланетян и роботов. Бегать по рингу не надо. Все видно из-за спины Тайсона, боксеры не перемещаются по рингу, а стоят руг против друга. это позволило задействовать больше кнопок на разнообразные удары. Можно делать блок, бить вверх, вниз и вперед.

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