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Bo Jackson Baseball

  •  (359)
  • Baseball
  • 1991
  • US title: Bo Jackson Baseball
  • Publisher/Maker: Data East / Beam Software
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Bo Jackson Baseball
Bo knows baseball and he proves it with BO JACKSON BASEBALL. You are in complete control of all the action on the field. Choose from one of 15 different pitches and take care of the fielding. When your team is at bat, you can choose the batting strategy including bunts, contact swings, and power hacks. After a player gets on base, you decide when to send him. All of this action can be seen from two different perspectives, and is created with the best graphics for a baseball game. See how much Bo knows about baseball with BO JACKSON BASEBALL.

Бейсбол чуть более приближенный к оригинальной игре, чем большинство прочих симуляторов. Особенностью является то, что вы не просто будете подавать мяч, но и выбирать, как он полетит. На поле игроки нарисованы крупно и максимально естественно. Вид на поле стандартный.

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