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Final Fantasy

  •  (359)
  • Classic (Console-Style) RPG
  • 1987
  • US title: Final Fantasy
  • Japanese title (kanji): ファイナルファンタジー
  • Alternate titles: Yin He Shi Dai Final Fantasy 1
  • Publisher/Maker: Square
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Final Fantasy
An evil shroud covers the world in darkness. You must restore the powers of earth, wind, fire and water to the Four Orbs. Create your own band of 4 Light Warriors from fighters, thieves, martial artists, and magicians. You'll need all their skills to triumph in this massive role-playing adventure. Your treaterous journey takes you to all parts of a strange new world. Explore dangerous castles and dark caverns where dadly perils and great rewards, await at every turn. Hundreds of ferocious monsters block your path. With patience, skill, and cunning, you can defeat them.

Gameplay in Final Fantasy is similar to that of many other console role-playing games. The player controls a party of four player characters, called Light Warriors (or "Warriors of Light" in later editions), who explore towns and dungeons as they travel across the world map. The goal of the game is to defeat four major enemies called Elemental Fiends or Fiends of Chaos. Along the way, the player travels to towns where he or she may shop, acquire information, and rest. While traveling, the player encounters monsters which must either be combated or fled from. Winning battles earns the player experience points, which strengthen player characters, and gil, the game's currency. The player begins Final Fantasy by creating the Light Warriors. As is typical of computer role-playing games of the era, player characters are passive participants in the story, with their names and abilities relevant only during battle. Characters are determined by four-character names, certain numerical attributes, and their class. A character's most basic attribute is its level, which is numbered between one and fifty. (The maximum is ninety-nine in later editions.) A character's level is determined by how much experience it has, and higher level characters are more powerful than lower level characters. Gaining a level increases the other attributes, such as Hit Points (HP). HP represents a character's remaining health, and when a character reaches zero HP, they die. Every character has a maximum number of HP. Additional attributes govern other aspects of the character.

Легендарная ролевая игра. Стала стандартом для подобного рода игр. Вид сверху, несколько персонажей в одной партии, брожения по глобальной карте мира с заходами в города и деревеньки. Случайные драки с врагами в пошаговом отдельном боевом режиме. Но самое главное не это. Самое главное - длинный и занимательный сюжет. В этой части герои еще не имеют индивидуальности, но уже есть огромный мир со своими проблемами.

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