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Super C

  •  (359)
  • Shmups - Shoot'em Up
  • 1990
  • US title: Super C
  • European title: Probotector II - Return of the Evil Forces
  • Japanese title: Super Contra
  • Japanese title (kanji): スーパー魂斗羅
  • Alternate titles: Contra 24-in-1 Super Contra 2 Darkwing Duck 2
  • Publisher/Maker: Konami
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Super C
After losing his confrontation against Super Commandos Mad Dog and Scorpion, the juices of destruction drip from the spiked tongue of the vile alien war monger - Red Falcon.
Now, he's coming back stronger than ever, with a sinister plan that includes having his intergalactic warriors seep into the brains of the American Army. Once again, Earth's only hope rests with Scorpion and the Dogster. And if their spread guns, lasers, flame throwers and mega shells fail to destroy Red Falcon's eight levels of terror, it's all over but for the shouting and screaming, and the cries from a disintegrating world.

Featuring simultaneous play for 2 players or play against the computer. Coming early 1990. [1989 Konami pamphlet]

Вторая часть известнейшего боевика Contra. Бегаем слева направо убивая из всех стволов всех кого увидим. В игре два вида уровней: боковая бродилка и бродилка с видом сверху. Несомненная классика жанра. Огромные, красочные и страшные монстры не дадут скучать. Графика и звук - золотой стандарт для подобных игр. Главные герои и враги в европейской версии по соображениям цензуры были заменены роботами.

On other platforms: Probotector II - Return of the Evil Forces