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Track & Field

  •  (359)
  • Olympiad
  • 1985
  • US title: Track & Field
  • European title: Track & Field in Barcelona
  • Japanese title: Hyper Olympic
  • Publisher/Maker: Konami
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Track & Field
Track & Field helped to popularize the button-mashing style of gameplay, in which a player must hit a button on their controller as fast and as many times as possible in order to make their in-game athlete move quicker. This design rapidly incorporated into clones like Epyx's Summer Games. Many contemporary athletics games still use this form of control as a part of their gameplay.

Спортивные олимпийские соревнования. Вынос факела на заставке происходит под музыку небезызвестной Vangelis. Игра издавалась и переиздавалась в других регионах много позже выхода оригинальной версии в Японии, последняя была издана в Европе в 1991 году.

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