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  •  (359)
  • Shmups - Shoot'em Up
  • 1988
  • US title: Contra
  • European title: Probotector
  • Japanese title (kanji): 魂斗羅
  • Alternate titles: Gryzor Contra 1993 Super Contra II
  • Publisher/Maker: Konami
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The most action-packed and fun game you'll find on the RGR
Released on February 20, 1987 in the arcades, Contra was a minor success in the arcades.  Notice how I said minor.  The real success this game got was when it was ported to the NES.  It's success is still being felt today, with references everywhere, most recent in the comedy "30 Minutes or Less."  But, what makes this game so great?  Surely, there has to be a reason other than, It's fun.  What is the reason why it's critically lauded and fondly remembered over some other underrated gems? 

You play as either Bill "Mad Dog" Rizer or Lance "scorpion" Bean, who are sent on a mission in an unnamed South American Island to neutralize the terrorist group known as Red Falcon who is trying to take over the world.  Yea, not the best story in the world, but I'm impressed with what they got away with in this game, especially with Nintendos strict policies for the NES.  For one thing, you're fighting a terrorist group.  All in all, while the story isn't great, its pretty good that they could put in the original story without censoring.  6/10. 

Really, these are freaking nice graphics for the NES.  For one thing, in 1988 no less, there are some really nice animations.  Especially during the 3-D stages.  Seriously, while these aren't the best NES graphics, for an Arcade port to the NES, you can tell that Konami didn't slack off with this port.  8/10. 

Holy Crap.  This music is great.  No kidding.  It might not be stand-out memorable, but that's the best kind.  Its not very noticeable due to gameplay, but it silently creeps into your mind and, when you least expect it, you start humming it on your date with the girl who knows nothing about the NES!  (Yeah............... I just say that DIDN'T happen.)  Seriously though, in order to review this game, I had to just stand there on each of each of the stages listening to the songs.  And the songs sound Phenomenal.  The sound effects are good too, and surprisingly not stocked.  Overall, one of the best examples of great sound on the NES.  10/10. 

Surprisingly, this game is solid all the way through, even though you'd think it'd get repetitive REALLY fast.  But, Konami lands a near perfect balance between challenge and fun.  The common censuses every hardcore game comes to is this games hard.  Well, I'm here to debunk that ludicrous statement right now.  This game isn't hard, it requires skill.  While there is a code for getting 30 lives, (you already know it..........) the game is completable just with 3.  I beat it that way.  "How do you do it," you ask.  Simple, I invested my skill in this game.  Seriously, If you think it's hard, that's fine.  But, keep trying playing this game normally, you'll see you got a little bit father each time.  9/10 

One of the best arcade ports and DEFINITELY one of the best CO-OP games pretty much ever.  It's no wonder why this is one of Konami's best franchises.  9/10

Знаменитый платформер от Конами c видом сбоку. Дядька с автоматом, голым торсом и в синих или красных штанах бежит и мочит всех, кто попадается на пути. По пути можно менять оружие. Главные герои и враги в Европейской версии, в отличие от других, по соображениям цензуры были заменены роботами. Японская версия игры более совершенна в графическом плане, имеет заставки между уровнями, общую карту, дополнительную анимацию игровых сцен - все то, чего лишены прочие версии.

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